Halloween is almost here

Hey lovelies! I hope the day is treating you well and I’m back with yet another facepaint look to serve as inspiration. If you had any guess, this time of the year is my absolute favourite. You can comfortably wear black and drink your favourite hot beverages, whats better than that? Oh and you get to have fun and there’s plenty of candy to go around.


If you’re in the GTA, i’m also available to do facepaint halloween weekend. Just shoot me an email if that’s something you’re interested in.




Half skull face paint

Heyy lovelies! I had myself a pretty awesome day and managed to fit in another face paint look to serve as inspiration for halloween. I will admit today was relatively warm for your typical fall day, but let’s not let this stop us from getting creative. Again I utilized my wolfe essentials palette to create this look. There are various shades of blue in this look so I mixed white and black to create whatever shades of blue I needed, which is totally all the the fun in painting.  As always in these skull designs, I like to start with the teeth/mouth and work my way out.

The most wonderful time of the year

Hey lovelies! I’m coming back to you with another facepaint idea for another wondrous time of the year. It should come with no surprise that halloween is my favourite time of the year so without further ado.

I recently saw IT and it kick started my excitement for halloween.  I then looked for photos of creepy clown makeups and combined a few ideas to create this look. I used my wolfe essentials palette .

Product review



Hey lovelies! I’ve given thought to what products to review next and it made sense to me that since we’re on our way into a new season, (unless you’re lucky enough to surpass winter ) that it’s appropriate that I look for great summer products.

So with April showers being swapped for the sun and humidity, the general rule of thumb is since we get more sun in the summer, that we should make some changes in our foundation routine.  Now that may mean adjusting the shade to fit our needs or formula based on our skin type or environment.

I was able to try out NYX’s foundation mixer in the shade olive to be able to bring depth and warmth to a lighter shade foundation, which would have normally been a good shade in the winter months.  I did use it with another NYX foundation and have yet to use it with other brands so I can’t vouch for that.  However, I’d have to say that mixing this didn’t dilute my existing foundation’s coverage. I didn’t have to use a lot and I also doubled it’s use by contouring with it as well and it blended fine. There are other shades for this product whether you need something lighter, luminous, darker, or something with pinker undertones. So if you have trouble finding your perfect shade for any time of the year, definitely check these out !


Product review

Hey lovelies! It’s me again haha. I do apologize for my absence however I do have some exciting news.  For some time now, my MacBook has been giving me a hard time so I couldn’t make posts even if I wanted to. Everything has been fixed and I have some posts and ideas for my next upcoming posts, so stay tuned for that.

Until then, I have 2 lipsticks I wanted to review from the wet n wild matte lipsticks. Again I will highlight that I’ve reviewed a few of their lip shades from their darkest to their bold red and I do appreciate the formula and price you pay for each one. So this review is just to show you the colour pay off you get with each one.

So the shades are ‘bare it all’ and ‘mochalicious’ and I would have to say that the nude lipstick is my favourite.  Bare it all is a soft pink nude lipstick that is perfect for no makeup looks in order to add a touch of colour.  It’s great too for pairing with a dramatic eye look if you wanted your eyes to be the focus. I find I struggle with liking nude lipsticks because I feel they do the opposite of accentuating the lip line.  While I do appreciate them on others, I can’t get wrap my head around a matte nude lipstick.  I will always wish there was more pigment or gloss so I didn’t look dehydrated.  That’s just me though haha. I purchased mochalicious because I wanted to give brown lip shades a try. This lipstick can get pretty pigmented with each coat but I think I would appreciate it on me if it were sheer to moderate pigmentation. It’s a beautiful colour however.

New year exfoliating mask

Happy new year lovelies! I hope you rung in the new year with good vibes and are safe in doing so. I was fortunate to spend with good people so that is all I could ask for.  I’ve had a relaxing day for the most part and upon thinking of goals for the year, I wondered what should be my first post of the year.  It dawned on me “what is more appropriate than relieving yourself of dry/dead skin and start anew with a exfoliating face mask?”. So alas, here is my most trusted go to face mask.  I will feature all the ingredients and why I chose them specifically.


So I prefer greek plain yogurt over regular plain yogurt mainly because of the thicker consistency. Yogurt itself is very moisturizing and feels so soothing on the skin.  The next ingredient are green tree leaves that will aid in exfoliating.  Now you could get away without this last ingredient, but if you are using greek yogurt, honey will make the consistency less thick (and it’s great for your skin!) .

1 to 2 teaspoons of yogurt

1 green tea bag contents

Optional: honey to consistency preference.

This face mask is super easy so once you’ve mixed everything together, you want to make sure you’re face is clean prior. I used a face wipe for clean off any makeup I may have had on. You also want to tie your hair back to avoid getting messy, which i’ll admit I’m prone to.

Upon doing all this, you’re free to paint your face and neck with this mask, excluding lip and eye area.


Just leave the mask on for up to 10-15 minutes and once it’s dry, use warm water to help relieve some of the product. This is where you really shed last year’s skin by massaging the leaves into your skin. Rinse well and towel blot your new skin. The last step is moisturizing  and this is when you really feel how soft your skin is. I try to do this on a weekly basis especially in the winter. It’ll definitely make your application easier with makeup.

I really do hope you give this a try because it’s amazing and so so simple. Let me know if you do and your results! Cheers lovelies! <3